The Best in Mobile Fleet Cleaning Since 1982

Efficient, Effective & Friendly Service

We are Ace Mobile Wash – Arizona's premier mobile fleet washing experts and the ONLY mobile fleet company to be a part of AZ Trucking Association. We are a family owned business offering mobile high-pressure cleaning services across the state with honesty and integrity.

Our high-end washing service goes out to trucking and transport companies as well as fleet owners that insist on having clean vehicles. Pressure washing of mass volumes - trucks, fleet, and tractor trailers is what we do best. We've been in The Valley since 1982 because we realize how important your equipment is for your livelihood. To that end, we treat it as if it were our own, using only the finest soaps and soft waters systems available today.

Our owners are available 24 hours a day to resolve your issues and guarantee total satisfaction. Our team leads have all been with Ace Mobile for more than 10 years, carrying a wealth of experience and expertise in what they do. No one does it better.

The Importance of keeping your vehicle clean

A polished and dirt-free vehicle positively impacts your brand and protects your investments. Also, maintaining a regular cleaning schedule removes corrosive agents like salt, oil, and grime thereby extending the life of your vehicle’s exterior paint and undercarriage. To that end, we at Ace Mobile Wash use biodegradable and non-corrosive cleaning agents to protect your fleet, the environment, and your wallet from costly regulatory fines. Catering great customer service is our priority.

Why Mobile Washing Makes Sense

Many transportation terminals have permanent cleaning bays. However, the liability for proper water recovery, costs of special equipment, equipment upkeep, and purchasing of biodegradable cleaning agents often turns out to be prohibitive. This is where Ace Mobile Wash steps in. We bring all material and supplies to the terminal, including several lengths of pressure hose and vacuum hose. We will clean your entire fleet, including trailer washouts, at a time that works best for you. While we are there, we will also wash your floors and terminal parking lots if needed.

Why Choose Us?

Ace Mobile

Peerless mobile fleet washing experts

Exclusively part of the ATA

Highest quality mobile wash

Use of finest soaps and soft waters systems

Best customer service in the business

Over 30 years of experience

24X7 availability for current customers

100% customer satisfaction guarantee

Competitive pricing

Contact us for Mobile Fleet Washing Services

Services Offered

  • Spot-Free Fleet Washing
  • Exterior & Interior Truck Washes
  • Exterior & Interior Trailer Washes
  • Interior Washing
  • Engine Washing
  • Concrete Washing
  • Steamed Power Washing
  • Water Reclamation
  • Acid Washing
  • Rain X - Polymer Finish
  • Complete Interior Disinfection and Odor Removal



Happy Customers For Over 30 Years


"Ace Mobile Wash has been cleaning our tractor trailer fleet of over 39 units for over a year now.

Brian and Gena are outstanding to work with.

The Ace Mobile teams are very dependable and have exceptional customer service.

They clean our tractors and trailers along with polishing the rims which makes our fleet stand out among all the other carriers.

We consistently get compliments about how great they look.

If I have an issue or question Brian and Gena are always there instantly to answer or help with anything I need.

I highly recommend and endorse Ace Mobile Wash for all you’re washing and polishing needs!"

Mark Loudermilk

Coastal Transport

coastal logo

"I have been using Ace Mobile Wash at UPT for 10+ years. They do an exceptional job. Their attention to detail is outstanding. They wash our trucks and tankers as well as detail the inside of the cab. They clean the dash, doors, floors, etc. and I have never had any complaints. They use a portable steamer wand to get in all the areas of the dash for a thorough cleaning."

Steve Shover



“I've have done business with Ace Mobile wash for over two years.

I find the owners as well as staff members very friendly and professional, and I would highly recommend them for all of your vehicle needs.

On time courteous and highly motivated is what you will find this company standard to be.”

Charles A. Edmond

Stewart Transportation

Stewart Transport Logo

Ace Mobile Wash is the epitome of professionalism and great customer service. The entire team at Ace Mobile Wash has a great work ethic, which is very apparent in the extent Brian and Gena are involved in the provision of the highest level of customer service. The attention to detail and competence of the entire team, demonstrates the high standards they hold their team to. When our trucks are done, they look amazing and we have been complimented quite frequently on the appearance. Ace Mobile is highly recommended for all you truck washing needs.

Javier Diaz

Groendike Transportation


“McLane Food service in Phoenix has partnered with Ace Mobile for over 15 years.

Ace Mobile has always provided us with excellent service. Gena and her team take pride in the relationships they have with the customer. Thanks for everything you do for us Ace Mobile!!”

Carl Stenvall I

Transportation Manager
McLANE Food Service

Mclane Food Service