Auto Detailing at Ace Mobile Wash


ACE Mobile provides interior detailing on multiple different levels. We provide anywhere from a minor detail which would include an exterior wash an wiping down the interior making sure the windows are clean and vacuuming. We also offer full details which include steam cleaning the interior, vacuuming the interior, wiping everything down, and windows as well as an exterior wash and wipe down.

For further information on detailing processes please call 602-272-4442.
Details vary per customer depending on wants and needs.


The Basic interior cleaning involves removing trash, vacuuming, cleaning the inside of the windows.


Ace Mobile Wash’s Interior Semi-Detail gives you everything you need for a fresh interior. It includes removing trash, vacuuming, cleaning the inside of the windows and wiping down the dash, door panels, and instrument panels.

Full Detail

Our full detail entails a complete cleaning of the inside of your vehicles including removing all the trash, vacuuming, wiping down dashboard and instrument panels, using restorative leather products on seats or shampooing the upholstery and carpets. We will also wash the insides of all windows.


What’s In Your Vehicle?

Odors, odors and more than just odors.

In addition to odors related to pets, tobacco, food, vomit, mold and mildew, there are more than 500 different fungi, viruses, bacteria and their spores that thrive in vehicles. Door handles, seats and floors are breeding grounds for germs that do more than just devalue a vehicle; they are hot spots for dangerous viruses and serious illness as well. Whether it’s new or pre-owned, drivers want a vehicle that is deodorized, decontaminated and sanitized. Masking odors with odor bombs, aerosols, sprays and ionizers still leaves behind bacteria and smells that can affect a driver’s health.

As people spend more time commuting, transporting and traveling, a clean, odorless and bacteria-free environment is essential.

No one wants a vehicle that smells and makes them sick!

What’s The Solution?

Simoniz ODOR-OUT Delivery System

Simoniz ODOR-OUT is a fast, safe and most effective solution for eradicating odors and odor causing bacteria in vehicles. It contains no dangerous VOC’s, phthalates or ozone.

Upon contact with water, Simoniz ODOR-OUT tablet is self-activated to release chlorine dioxide (ClO2) gas, a safe biocide, in an easy-to-use delivery system. Because it exists as a vapor, it can penetrate any porous material or surface throughout the vehicle, allowing direct contact with odor causing compounds such as bacteria, mold, viruses and mildew as well as odors originating from food, tobacco, pets and more.

Ace Mobile

How to Use?

Simply drop one 20 gram Simoniz ODOR-OUT tablet (Sani-Tab 20G) in 4 ounces of water. Turn A/C on and allow Sani-Tab to fully dissolve and dissipate. Process takes approximately 2 hours. For a more rapid eradication of odors and odor causing bacteria, the Simoniz AUTO EFFICIENCY AERATOR is recommended. Using this device, odors are eliminated within approximately 20 minutes.
One Simoniz ODOR-OUT Sani-Tab tablet treats a 400 square foot area.

What are the Benefits?

Delivery System?

SIMPLE to use gas release system

REMOVES musty, pet, tobacco smells and other hard to destroy organic odors, mold and mildew

ELIMINATES odors and odor-causing bacteria

ERADICATES - doesn’t mask

LEAVES a clean, safe and pleasant smelling vehicle

WATER ACTIVATED - no spraying, no plugging in, no batteries

LEAVES no residue

SAFE to use on common automotive fabrics and materials

ECO-FRIENDLY, non-toxic and biodegradable disposable packs

Where to Use?

New and Pre-Owned Car Dealership, Rental Agencies:

While vehicles may look and smell new, there is odor bacteria and other organisms often there or left behind by previous owners or rental loaners. That’s why you need Simoniz ODOR-OUT.

Auto Detailing, Commercial Truck and Bus Operations:

Use Simoniz ODOR-OUT to effectively eliminate odors and odor causing viruses, fungi, bacteria and their spores. Odor bombs, ionizers and aero­sol sprays that are often used just mask odors and odor causing bacteria. They don’t eliminate them.